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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 3 months ago

All employee email sent 3/2/06

Below you will find the second set of WINK changes:


1) To celebrate the fact that we are an AQIP school, an AQIP link has been added to the homepage and links to our accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness information.


2) We have fixed many problems with “breadcrumbs” that didn’t work. The breadcrumbs are those little links just under the photographs that show you where you’ve been. They are a handy way of backtracking without using the back button. However, many of the breadcrumbs didn’t work because several folders did not have index (home) pages. We have created index pages where there previously weren’t any in several folders for the Virtual Campus website and a few other places that we could find.


If you see a place where you get a broken link when clicking on the breadcrumbs, please email Steve Fudally so that it can be fixed.


3) Under the “Departments” listings, links were removed from those departments where they have no web pages to view. Links will be re-established as web pages become available for those academic departments/disciplines.


4) Under the Alumni and Visitors tab, the cascading menu now includes an “Alumni” section where there are several cascading links such as “Support LSC,” “Request a Transcript,” and other similar items of interest to graduates.


5) On the Current Students tab, we added a menu option for the Student Payment Office that also gives them direct access to the Business Services homepage and the Tuition & Fees page.


6) A new template has been developed for the Virtual Campus pages that includes a navigation bar to the major sections of the site. The new template has been applied to the site, however there are a few pages that have not yet been copied into the new template. Work on this section should be completed within a week.


7) We are currently working on several other changes related to the tabs at the top of the pages and the “Services” panel on the left-hand side. These are a bit more significant and will not appear until they are totally nailed down…probably 3-5 weeks from now.


No update next week during spring break. You should see another one in about two weeks.



Web Improvement of Navigation Kommittee

end of group email

Lin: A few suggestions:

  • When you click on a photo in Administration, the crumb to return doesn't work (no index?) Reply: Work-in-progress. Not yet ready for prime time. BD 2-22-06 Fixed 3/2/06 BD
  • Mark W and Pam E have no photos Reply: Gary K, please let us know if and when pictures become available. BD 2-22-06 Fixed for Pam, no picture for Mark available. 3/2/06 BD


  • We need index pages for each folder so that the breadcrumbs work. Reply: Work-in-progress. Not yet ready for prime time. BD 2-22-06 Fixed 3/2/06 BD
  • 4) The Alumni tab needs to have a menu choice for the Foundation. Done 3/2/06 BD

Jean P

Can we get "Request a Transcript" under the Alumni tab. We get tons of calls from former students asking how to request a transcript. The information is only under Current Student tab now. Maybe if we go to just "Student" it will resolve this but for now....."Request a Transcript" needs to link to http://www.lsc.edu/RecordsAndRegistration/reqtrans.cfm

I hope I'm doing this right.......

Reply: Oh yeah, you're definitely doing it right. Agreed: we will incorporate this change into the week two changes. BD 2-22-06 Link added under Alumni tab. 3/2/06 BD


  • It is further recommended that live links exist where possible. Hard to argue with this one. BD 2-24-06 Disabled many dead links in "Departments" 3/2/06 BD
  • Foundation needs to be changed to Scholarship under the Current Student Tab That was done yesterday, will be alphabetized properly in the near future. BD 2-24-06

Aren't you glad I figured out how to do this? Yes, I am. BD 2-24-06


Barry - not sure if I'm doing this right or not, but we wanted Business Services to be moved over to the Current Student tab and change Budget Office to read Student Payment Office. We didn't move it, but we added it to the Current Students tab. Student Payment Office menu choice that also allows them to get to the Business Services homepage and the Tuition & Fees page. 3/2/06 BD

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