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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 3 months ago

All employee email sent on 2/23/06

Good morning,


The Web Improvement of Navigation Kommittee (WINK) has been meeting for the past few weeks. We are deciding upon changes to the navigation of the LSC website, including the cascading menu tabs at the top of the page, the Quicklinks on the right, the expandable menus on the left, and the breadcrumbs for backtracking where you have been.


This is the first weekly update. We have made several small changes to the navigation links on the site. Each week we will send you another update informing you of those changes. For most people, the small weekly changes will be almost unnoticeable. Later in the process you can expect to see one or two more major changes, but the overall look and feel of the website will remain unchanged.


Everyone has an opinion about needed website changes, however, at this time I would like to respectfully ask that you hold on to those opinions for a few more weeks. We have a lot of changes already in the pipeline, and there's a good chance that your suggestions are already being worked on. You can provide input to the representative for your area, but it might be helpful to wait a few weeks and let the dust settle on the changes already in the works.


Each college area has a representative on WINK. They are:

Academics: Rody Bowers-Hughes

Business services: Lynn Greaves

Human Resources: Lesli Eikanger

Planning and Research: Lin Black

President's Office: Sonda Strom-Larson

Public Information: Gary Kruchowski

Student Services: Jean Pehl

Technology & the Virtual Campus: Steve Fudally


Here are the changes made for week one:

1) an "Employment" link for open job listings was added to the row of links under the Google search box.

2) on the left Administrative menu, a link to "Public Info" replaced the previous "Directory" link. The Directory link is still under the Google search box.

3) on both of the Student tabs at the top, the cascading menu choice now reads as "Scholarships" rather than "Foundation."

4) The cascading menu options were reorganized alphabetically on the Business & Community tab and the Alumni & Visitors tab.


A few other errors and dead links were also corrected.


We have several things in the works right now for the week two update. Stay tuned.

end of all employee email

Lesli: Please place an "Employment" link somewhere on the home page for job applicants. For examples, see Minn State CTC or Dakota County TC or St. Cloud Tech

Reply: We agree with this edit. Expect to see it in the week ONE update. The link will be added to the row of links under the Google search box. BD 2-21-06

Lin: A few suggestions:

  • Left sidebar "Services," Under Administrative, add Public Info (can't find a link to that department) Reply: Agreed. Coming in week ONE update. BD 2-22-06
  • Take out Foundation - add Scholarships under Student - link to scholarship opportunities instead Reply: Agreed. Coming in week ONE update. Menu item will say "Scholarships" and have cascading choices not including the Board of Directors. BD 2-22-06
  • Gary K's title links to Mark Winson's page FIXED 2-22-06
  • Can the lists be alpha under each cascading menu section? Reply: Agreed. Coming in week ONE update. The last two tabs were not alphabetized, but will be. BD 2-22-06
  • Under Building, change Building to Campus? Reply: No changes at this time. Will consider this as we look at major changes for the left panel. BD 2-22-06

Gary K

  • We need a link under administration to Public Information & Government Affairs. Reply: Agreed. Coming in week ONE update as stated above. BD 2-22-06
  • Under administration we have a link to administration. Perhaps that link should be "directory" or "contact." Reply: No agreement. No change planned at this time. BD 2-22-06

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