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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 3 months ago

No update for week three (spring break).

All employee email for week four: (sent 3/15/06)


The following website navigation changes have been made:


The following changes were made under the "Current Students" tab at the top of each page, and where applicable, also to the Future Students tab. NOTE: at some point during the next few weeks, we will only have one "Students" tab at the top of each page rather than two.


1. Under "Academics," we moved the links to counseling, bookstore, library, and student web services to new locations (see below).


2. Under "Academics," we made the following language changes:

a. renamed planners link to program planners

b. renamed programs link to program offerings

c. renamed schedules link to course schedules

d. renamed advising link to academic advising


3. The bookstore has been added as a "first level" link under the Current Students tab, with cascading links to Bookstore Homepage and Online Bookstore.


4. The library has been added as a "first level" link under the Current Students tab, with cascading links to Library Homepage, Ask a Librarian, and Online Library Services.


5. Removed the link to "News and Events."


6. Changed "College Policies and Legislation" link to "College Policies."


7. Under the "Records and Registration" menu, changed "Online Services" to "Web Services."


8. Under "Student Life" - we revised the cascading menu to provide direct links to the Student Life homepage, the Health Services page, the Wellness Center page, and the Student Senate page.


9. Added a first level link titled "Student Services," with a cascading menu that includes the following choices:

a. Academic Advising

b. Cafeteria

c. Center for Student Development

d. Child Care

e. Counseling

f. Disabilities

g. Health Services

h. Intercultural Services

i. Learning Center

j. Student Employment

k. Student Life

l. Student Support Services

m. Wellness Center


10. Under "Technology Services," we:

a. changed the "Computer Services" link go directly to the "Student Support" page

b. added the "Software Support" link to the Student Support page.

c. renamed "Help Desk" to "Technology Help Desk."

d. added a link to the Virtual Campus Help desk.


From the Web Improvement of Navigation Kommittee

(end of all employee email)

Jean said:

Under the “Current Students” tab the following recommendations were made:


  • Under “Academics”, remove the links to counseling, bookstore, library, and student web services. __Reply: Okay.__
  • Under “Academics”, make the following language changes – rename planners to program planners, rename department to course areas, rename programs to program offerings, rename schedules to course schedules and rename advising to academic advising. __Reply: Okay, except for the department link. We're not sure what we're doing there yet__
  • It is recommended that bookstore and library have their own links under “Current Students”. __Reply: Okay, and they will each have two choices on the cascading menu.__
  • Under “Current Students” remove “news and events”. __Reply: Okay.__
  • Under “Current Students” change “Policy and Legislation” to “Policies”. __Reply: Okay.__
  • Student Handbook should have its own link under “Current Students” __Reply: We're going to leave it as is for now.__
  • Under the “Records and Registration” pages change “Online Services” to “Web Services” and remove the link to “Student Services”. __Reply: Okay for part one, not yet for part two.__
  • Under “Student Life” - no drop down menu, just link to home page. __Reply: Nope. There needs to be a cascading menu, so we will add a couple of direct links to other Student Life pages.__
  • Under “Technical Services” have the “Computer Services” link go directly to “Student Support” and move the “Software Support” link to that page. Also remove “Web and Information Services”. __Reply: We will make a few changes to this menu to try to make it more informative for students.__
  • Under “Current Students” add a link to “Student Services” to include the following pages in the drop down menu: I think this one requries more discussion. Students don't use our language, "they don't live in our silos." If you say "student services" to a student, they think it means everything. They think it includes student payments, tutoring, bookstore, and every other service that they need and use. 3/7/06 BD
    • Advising
    • Counseling
    • Center for Student Development
    • Disabilities
    • Intercultural Services
    • Student Life
    • Student Support Services
    • Learning Center
    • Child Care
    • Health Services
    • Student Employment
    • Wellness Center
    • Cafeteria

We have included this one but still have to deal with the fact that we can't expect students to understand how we put things in silos. We will also continue to develop an "All Services" listing over the next few weeks. 3/14/06 BD

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