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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 2 months ago

This section of the wiki is for the LSC web navigation task force. We will use this to organize the various suggestions for improving navigation on the LSC website.


We will send out weekly updates to the college community with the minor changes that have been made. Any large-scale changes will be collected until such time that a single major change can be made while causing the least disruption to the website users.


Please post your suggested changes with your first name at the beginning of the sentence or paragraph.


Jean: Latest request from Student Services (what remains after week four update)


Under the “Current Students” tab the following recommendations were made:

  • Change policy home page to include a list of every policy under each chapter. This is both a navigation change and a content change. We'll take a look at this one to see what can be done. 3/13/06 BD
  • Recommend a review of language to insure consistency in terminology for “information commons”, “library information commons” and “computer labs”. Agreed, this one might just take a little longer. 3/13/06 BD

Barry: I mentioned before the possibility of creating a coordinated series of stylish buttons on the home page for quick navigation to heavily used areas.

Possible buttons on the left (or right) panel of the home page: (In order of current preference, realizing that there will likely be only 5-7 buttons.)

1) Portal Login For sure! 3/2/06 BD

1A) I'm thinking that we need a link to a page for all "Campus Services." Sort of a site map where students and other web users can find every service we offer without having to know whether we house it in Student Services or Business Services or whatever. We'll see! 3/13/06 BD

2) Events Calendar (using the webviewer of R25) For sure! 3/2/06 BD

3) Virtual Campus For sure! 3/2/06 BD

4) Apply Now (or Apply Online) Maybe! 3/2/06 BD

5) Foundation/Scholarships Maybe! 3/2/06 BD

6) Continuing Ed Not convinced here. 3/2/06 BD

7) Financial Aid

8) Library

9) Bookstore

10) Student Life

11) Student Services (but not under that name)

12) About LSC (This will more likely get better placement on the right-hand Quicklinks when it is less congested)

Update: We are having a prototype button made by a design firm. If acceptable, I will contract with them to make several other buttons for this project. 3/2/06 BD

Barry: For the cascading tabs:

1) I think that we need to make an "Programs & Courses" tab where links to all the academic info would reside. Within this tab would be cascading menus to all academic divisions, programs and disciplines, and eventually the new program pages that will be developed with a major development project.


2) I think we only need one "Student" tab. Even potential students can probably figure out that this is where they should look for information.


3) I don't think that there is enough unique information available in the last two tabs (Alumni & Visitors and Business & Community) that warrants two separate tabs. It seems to me that we could consolidate that info into one tab titled "Alumni and Visitors."

Update: The current plan calls for replacing the current five tabs with five tabs, as follows: Students, Programs & Courses, Services, Faculty & Staff, Alumni & Visitors. We are working hard to include everything in places where people might logically look for them. Still no help planned for those who look around illogically!! 3/2/06 BD


I don't think you need us Barry :-), One "Student" tab would be much better and eliminate a lot of the duplication, My opinion is less is best when it comes to the home page. Now I will load you down with the latest suggestions from my people. We are taking all of the following under advisement. We're not sure yet about which of these make sense, and which we'll wait until the portal opens. 3/2/06 BD

  • Replace “check your grades registration for classes” with “My Web Services Account.” Under that category include a page entitled “What Can I Access in My Web Services Account?” which would include the “What Can I do Online” information currently under the “Records and Registration” page.
  • Review terminology to ensure consistent use of terms such as “online services” and “web services.”
  • Revisit the “Programs” and “Departments” labels to ensure consistent and student-friendly terminology.
  • Under the AA page, review the listings to assure that only approved programs are listed.




Judi would like this added to the front page on the Accounts Payable page: LSC's Accounts Payable department is responsible for the processing of committments through the State Treasury and LSC's Local Enterprises accounts. Accounts Payable also serves as the processing point for all Employee Expense Reimbursements. For further information or questions regarding the department, please contact: Judi Seifert 218-733-7648 or 800-432-2880, ext. 7648 j.seifert@lsc.edu 218-733-5977 fax


One other point.....the employee handbook listed under "Human Resources" needs much updating, Judi no longer has the electronic version, maybe Mary does, not sure?





  • List a link to “Student Services” as recommended under the “Future Students” tab.

Lynn: Need to add Judi's name and phone number to the Accounts Payable section. We won't be sending out an email about content changes, but we are trying to update or remove several of the pages. Adding basic content to the Acct Payable, Accountant, Staff Payroll, and Student Payroll pages. Updating contact information for the Copy Center. Removing "Resources," "Budget Office" and "Procedures" which are all blank. 3/2/06 BD

Mike P. said:

Thanks for the updates and continued logic streamlining of our web site. Just one suggestion... several of my students have had a bit of difficulty locating the Graduation Request page. It's located under "Forms", and might be easier to find if it were individually accessed under "Academics", or some other logical place for current students. Just a thought...

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