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The Inver Hills website http://www.inverhills.edu/ has cascading menus that sort of slowly unfurl when you mouse over them. That may be a better option than the fast-twitch menus that we currently have. Also, those cascading menus close up after a few seconds of not pointing at them. I much prefer that to ours that stay open indefinitely. Also at that site you'll see some coordinated buttons. These are not exactly what I have in mind, because I think they are way TOO similar, but they are an example of using buttons to add graphic appeal as well as links to commonly used services.


I like the way that North Hennepin http://www.nhcc.edu/ identifies themselves as an AQIP school on the homepage.


The icons at the top of the Winona homepage http://www.winona.edu/ are similar to what I have in mind, but my thoughts are more along the idea of buttons that can be stacked vertically.


Another possibility is something like the Colorado U. site at http://www.colorado.edu/

I like the way their pictures are also links to some of the services, such as "Visit, Apply, Explore."

With something along those lines we could maintain the visual appeal of the row of photographs, but make them more useful by turning them into links.


I also like the use of background images (almost watermarks) in a couple of the panels at the Auburn University site http://www.auburn.edu/. Don't have a specific idea for that right now, but think it is pretty stylish, generally speaking.

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